Friday Thinker- 3D Marketing.

3D Marketing.

In one of our Training DVD’s we talk about 3D Marketing and how effective it can be.

I had a great example come through the post the other day. I have had better examples, but this one was from a huge Company and I wanted to show you A) how they use the technique and B) that the larger companies are using the techniques, tools and strategies that we recommend you do for your small business.

The idea being that you attach a physical item in with your direct mailings for two reasons.

1.  It bulks the package out – This makes it both interesting and unable to sit at the bottom of the pile so is usually placed nicely at the top of the mail pile.


2.  It instantly makes your letter different! The reader will spot the item you have sent and wonder why you have done this!!


3d marketing need not cost a fortune. In essence you would have planned your budget and depending on the Level of spend you expect to receive from each customer will depend on how much you spend on the item.


In this 3D mailer – THEY ATTACHED A “Low Cost” battery.

I have highlighted the key points.

Great, It’s relevant – It is usable and I have never had a manufacture “solve an annoying problem” like this before. SO IT GRABBED MY ATTENTION – Exactly what it was designed for.

So as you can see they attached an item, made me an offer and gave me lots of easy ways to engage the offer. Look how many easy to follow “call to actions” they have.

All in all, not a bad Mailer.

If you spot any great 3D Mailers, Scan them in or take a picture and share them with us on facebook, twitter  or  Pinterest!

Bye For now

Del Thomas

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