Friday Thinker – How often do you email your customers?

Today I want to talk about one of the best forms of marketing still available to you – EMAILS!

If you are a long term follower of the Entrepreneurs Marketing Club then you realise that we are huge fans of Email Marketing.

Email has several benefits over other mediums of communications:

  1. Its Fast – You click a button and its instantly received
  2. It’s convenient – You can literally wake up with a message to tell your followers and within minutes it’s out there.
  3. It’s Clever – Email allows you to link to other mediums such as video, webinars, audio and downloads.
  4. It’s Economical – Emails are free or very Low priced when sent via a mail system
  5. It’s Measureable – You can see who has and has not read your message.

At the Entrepreneurs marketing Club we understand that one of the hardest part of starting to Market your business is STARTING!

It can be both confusing and overwhelming – So we have put together this free guide to creating and starting your email campaign with tips and advice – Download it now.

CLICK HERE to download our Guide to setting up email marketing campaigns

Bye for Now

Del Thomas

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