Friday Thinker – Use Mini Mailings

Mini mailings such as post cards are an affordable and well received form of marketing that help you link your online and offline strategies.

One great way would be to use these to tell them about something and direct them online – Where you can add pictures, videos and a mass of information that you could not fit on a hard copy communication.

Benefits include

  • Affordable to produce
  • Cheaper postage due to size and weight
  • Completely bespoke – you can make any design
  • Quick messaging – Instantly received
  • Different – Not many postcards or photos are sent to businesses

I also like Mini mailings for customer retention – I think it’s a nice non-intrusive way of communicating specific offers or information on a regular basis


In this Video we talk about a clever little trick to cheaply and quickly produce Mini Mailings for your customers.

Bye for Now


Del Thomas

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