The deadline for your free download of Del Thomas’s new eBook “The Savvy Entrepreneur’s Toolbox” is fast approaching.  Get it now while its free to you, before the price goes to the full RRP.

Our very own Del Thomas has written his latest business guidance book – and I’ve managed to convince him to exclusively release it early to our members for free.

In two weeks time, this Kindle eBook will be priced at £2.99, but as members of The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Club, our present to you is a free download period!  All we ask for in return is that you leave Del a review on Amazon!

Download your gift from us, “The Savvy Entrepreneur’s Toolbox” NOW!

Amazon Kindle Download:

The Savvy Entrepreneur's Toolbox by Del Thomas
The Savvy Entrepreneur’s Toolbox by Del Thomas


About Del Thomas’s new Kindle Book – The Savvy Entrepreneur’s Toolbox

In The Savvy Entrepreneur’s Toolbox: The Complete Guide to Increasing Exposure, Surpassing Competition & Generating Your Dream Income, Del Thomas—founder of The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Club—proves it’s possible by imparting with simplicity the numerous techniques and tools available to business owners to achieve maximum success.


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